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Everybody Communicates. Few Engage.
What Is This Book About?
The Engagement Formula shows you how to craft compelling, attention-grabbing content your audience is desperate to read, build a lasting relationship with your reader and, ultimately, turn them into a customer. The secret to engaging your reader is revealed in this concise but targeted book, designed to dispense with theory and give you practical, actionable advice on making your copy truly engaging.
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"The difference with The Engagement Formula is that it gives you a simple blueprint in around 100 pages that you can start using right away"
"This book is practical, to the point and actually made me 'LOL' several times - an overused acronym which is actually true in the case of this book. Definitely a must-buy"
Emma Mills, Northern
"Required reading for anyone who feels they are struggling to get themselves heard above the incessant noise of the "content avalanche"
"Easy-to-understand and highly practical"
What People Are Saying About The Engagement Formula On..
Discover Exactly How To Talk To Your Prospects So They Listen:
  • The No.1 reason why most people forget about your copy as soon as they've read it (and the one simple ingredient you need to add to make your copy memorable)
  • Why LESS is MORE and why you DON’T need to produce tons of content to get your message across (in fact, you’re probably reducing your chances of being heard)
  • Why being technically good at writing has absolutely no bearing on whether your customer will read your copy
  • Why you don't need to be a great writer to get your marketing read (HINT: more important is the effect you want to have on your audience)
  • The ever-so-slim difference between copy which sends you to sleep and copy that kicks you into a buying frenzy
  • Why you’re most likely wasting your time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms
  • Why simply grabbing someone’s attention is no longer enough (and what you should do instead - revealed on p19)
  • The two most powerful qualities you need to demonstrate to build instant rapport
  • How to instantly develop Know, Like and Trust to win over your readers and keep them coming back of their own accord
  • The 3 biggest challenges you face trying to stand out from the crowd (and how you can overcome all three with this one neat little strategy)
  • Why our cavemen ancestors would have been better at writing copy than 99% of businesses
  • How to model the Hunter S Thompson approach to storytelling to craft the most compelling copy your audience has ever read
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